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Why Are Nerds So Good At Sex?

Find out why nerds are known for their bedroom skills.

Straight Nerd Sex

Find out why nerd girls are so good in bed and why nerdy guys make great lovers.

Why You Should Date A Nerd

Nerds make great partners for long-term relationships.

Gay Nerd Sex

Gay And Lesbian Nerds

Nerds come in straight, gay, and everything in between.

Find out why sex with gay nerds is so hot and how they play with their friends.

Bisexual Nerd Sex

Horny Bisexual Nerds

Nerds like sex and bisexual nerds know they have doubled their chances of getting laid.

Why Are Nerds So Good In Bed?

Nerds can be great lovers, if you give them a chance.  What nerds lack in social skills, they make up for in eagerness and willingness to try different things. 

Here are some of the reasons why nerds can be superior lovers.

Nerds Have Focus

Nerds tend to focus their attention single-mindedly on topics they are interested in.  So when their interest is sex, you can expect all their attention to be focused on giving and receiving pleasure.

Nerds Like To Have Fun

Nerds are usually accepting of others.  If you mention you have interest in BDSM or cosplay, they probably wont mind.  They will want you to invite them!  Nerds like to have sexy, goofy fun and if everybody cums, all the better.

Nerds Like To Analyze

Nerds like to figure out the best ways to do things.  When it comes to sex, they watch closely how you react and adjust their approach for maximum impact in bed.  Orgasms with nerds can be some of the most powerful of your life.

Nerds Like To Dress Up

Whether they dress like a certain Boy Wizard, a Superhero, or a fantasy warrior woman, nerds can be a willing dress-up partner.  They don't mind putting on a cloak and tunic to fuck the local serving wench when the tavern closes.  

Nerds Experiment WIth Sex

Nerds are usually adventurous and willing to try new things or things that are out of the ordinary.  Nerds like to learn new sex techniques, experiment with new sex experiences, and try new things in bed.

Nerds Are Imaginative

You can count on your nerdy sex partner to come up with all kinds of elaborate fantasies with backstories and characters. Maybe the nerd is playing the part of somebody with an overdue library book who has to fuck the librarian?

I'm a nerd who likes to have sex!  I'm glad I found your site because it has lots of resources for horny nerds like me.  Thanks for helping me improve my sex life!

Hi NerdFuckers! I'm a nerd girl that craves cock..and pussy.  I like your site bc there's lots of different kinds of nerds having sexy adult fun.  Thanks for keeping my pussy wet!  I look forward to more. ;)

I like to play D&D with my friends - we made some sex tables and whenever there is a sex scene in the game, we roll randomly and play out the sex acts.  It's fucking hot to say the least - and it puts a fun spin on our D&D games.  I'm glad to see your site supports people like us.  Behold!  My rod of might!



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